Dentistry Kennesaw

Many people are afraid to have a root canal because someone in their family told them it was very painful.

People who eat or drink a lot of sugar and drink a lot of sweet juices and drinks will probably end up with a lot of plaque on their teeth.

Choosing a dentist is much easier when you ask your friends which dentist they use.

Gum disease is not a good thing to have, but if it advances to periodontal disease, that's even worse.

Whenever you have a tooth that is knocked out, you can put it in a glass of warm milk if you have it.

The more discolored your teeth are, the more we'll need to change the color of any dental appliances we make for you.

Our dentist is recommended by patients all the time because of his excellent rapport with patients.

Cosmetic contour is a way to shape your teeth so they look more in line with your other teeth.

Before you have any dental procedures done, be sure you tell the dentist if you are pregnant.

Some people may notice that the color of their teeth get darker the more they drink coffee or tea.

In order to have implants you will actually have dental surgery to place the rods in your jawbone.

It's always best to use a soft toothbrush so you don't damage the outer coating of your teeth. Sometimes women who are pregnant see a change in their teeth and gums, just like they do elsewhere in their body.

03/09/17 11:53:37 AM

If you notice that your teeth are coming loose from your gums, be sure to get in for a dental appointment fast to prevent any major problems.

03/08/17 12:01:47 AM

Crowding can be a big problem if molars come in and there's not enough room for them.

03/06/17 08:30:32 AM

If you feel a burning sensation in your tongue, it may be caused by your mouth being too dry.

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